People of the Flatts

History of the Flatts
People of the Flatts
The Flatts Archeology
Living at the Flatts
Town of Colonie Park


The story of the Schuyler Flatts can be told from the perspectives of many colorful and interesting individuals whose personal histories - whether celebrated or unsung - both reflected as well as contributed to the growth and development of the new nation.



Ann McVigars Grant, author of
(Portrait courtesy of Colonie Town Historian)

Paths for Exploration

Arent van Curler and Killean van Rensselaer     Early Indentured Settlers   
Early Schuyler Owners    Margareta Schuyler and Ann Grant   
Lord Howe and General Braddock    Philip Schuyler    Slaves at the Flatts   
Native Americans at the Flatts   


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