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History of the Flatts
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The Schuyler Flatts called by the Dutch, the Groote Vlachte,  is a stretch of alluvial flood plain on the west bank of the Hudson River four miles north of Albany. It has been the site of human habitation for thousands of years.

From the nomadic summer fishing villages of the Algonquin people during the late Archaic period to the Dutch farmers plowing its fields during the 17th century; from the tramp of the red-coated British Army during the French and Indian Wars to the rallying cries of the local and New England militias converging at this site on their way Saratoga; from the "low bridge" calls of the Erie Canal packet boats to the nomadic wagons of the circus of the 20th century - the Flatts have born witness to human history both tumultuous and significant. It is the goal of this website to tell the rich story of the Schuyler Flatts from as many perspectives as possible.

 Delft tiles from Schuyler family fireplace.
(Property of the Albany Institute of History and Art)

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