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lakealbany.gif (45884 bytes) Changes in the Northeastern Landscape as the Glaciers Retreated
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(Taken from Braun and Braun, "The First Peoples of the Northeast.")

About 13,000 years ago as the ice sheets which covered the Northeast for almost 5,000 years began to recede, valleys filled with the waters from the ice melt creating great glacial lakes. Included among these was Lake Albany which covered the entire Hudson River basin.

When the waters receded, the Hudson River was left bordered by a rich alluvial plain, a plain quite evident at the Schuyler Flatts. The flood plain here is about 300 feet wide, 5 feet thick. Underlying this soil are glacial drift deposits made of cobbles and pebbles. This gravel bedrock banks gradually to the west of the Flatts forming a ridge. Here the flood plain silt lies horizontally against the eastern slope of the glacial drift beds. This Groote Vlachte extends for over four miles broken periodically by small brooks.


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