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Students exploring the Flatts with site archeologist Paul Huey.
(Photo courtesy of Capital Region BOCES Communication Service)

"The farther back you look, the farther forward you are likely to see" - Winston Churchill

History and Nature of the Project

Schuyler Flatts, located in the Town of Colonie is a registered National Historic Landmark. This "Schuyler Flatts Online" site has been constructed to highlight this historic landmark.  The site has been the product of research conducted by the 11th grade AP American History  class (1999-2000) at Watervliet HS with the support of an "educational uses"  grant from the State Archives Records and Management Program (SARA), NY State Office of Cultural Education.  Students have worked with their teacher Jennifer Drautz, school librarian Maureen Aumand, Capital Region BOCES instructional coordinator Steve Janover, numerous local scholars, historical experts and archivists to research and develop the site.

Periodically, this site will link the viewer to original documents or artifacts which underpin the story of the Schuyler Flatts. This will serve to highlight as well as direct the viewer to the rich archival records and repositories which the support the study of this historic landmark. 


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