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                                   Supplemental Exercises

Choose one or more of the following assignments to expand your knowledge and understanding of frogs and toads:

a)    Use the websites listed in the Web-Inquiry or utilize your Internet search skills to compile a "fact sheet."  The sheet should list at least 4 different species of frogs and/or toads native to this area. Write a brief entry (5 or six sentences) on each of your chosen species. The entry should describe the physical characteristics of the frog, diet, habitat, calls, and breeding cycle. DO NOT use the four species listed on the Local Species page of this website.

b)    Write a one page essay on the importance of frogs and toads in our environment. Make sure you provide information detailing the effects of pollution on these animals.

c)    Write a one page essay on the similarities and differences between frogs and toads. Make sure you mention at least two specific species of frogs and toads in your essay.